1. Go to your Agency Menu (top right) and click on "Agents"

2. Located next to "Active Agents," click on "Add New"

3. Fill in the "Details" section with pertinent information

4. Account and Permissions: 

    User vs Agent: You can have as many "agents" in NowCerts without extra costs. This will help you keep track of production and commissions. However, an agent without "user" access cannot log into the system and is unable to make changes. To give agents "user" access, click on the "User" checkbox. Upon selecting "User," many extra settings appear:

  • Time Zone: Choose the time zone of your user

  • Advanced Settings: Click on this to set the hours during which you allow your staff to access NowCerts. You can also specify an IP address (e.g. enter the IP address of your office to limit access to agency data to your agency's computers only).

Choose the appropriate permissions you want a user to have. For example, it is not recommended to give any users "delete" permissions for any features unless they are administrators. To remove this permission, un-check the box below "Delete." There are also a few "View Only Assigned" permissions that if are checked will limit the user to only view those items that are assigned to them (i.e. "View only Assigned Insureds, & View only Assigned Policies).

5. Setup and add any credentials for any available integrations the agent may have for their individual use.

6. Add Agents E&O credentials if applicable.

7. Once the profile is complete, click on "Save changes."

If you prefer a video:


Go to Step 4: Add Carriers