The proper place to process incoming rater records is in the Rater Imports page (in the left menu). Click the View and Merge button. The record will open. There are 2 options depending on whether the insured/Prospect already exists in the system or not.

This screen shows the case when NowCerts found the incoming record in the system. an insured or prospect by the exact name "Test Management" was found in the database.
Because it may be the same Test Management or a different person, you must decide how you want to process the incoming quote. The default is "Update Existing Insured". If you select that, the quote will be added to the list of quotes for the existing Brittany Green .But if you want to create a new record, then select option "Create New Insured". This will create a new record for "Test Management" and add the document to Documents > Files > Edocs. ----Next: If the system does not find a match in the database, you will have the option to (a) create a new record (default option) or (b) merge this with an existing record already in the database.  After selecting the desired option in either of the above cases, you need to select the check box and press "Merge Selected Items"

We also have a Robotic Automation Bot available to merge the rater import data each morning. The Bot will only merge matched files. If you are interested, please email